Creating a logo, Logomanual and Designmanual for TerraCVita

January 18, 2023

Creating a logo for an organization, such as TerraCVita, is an important step in establishing the company's visual identity. The logo should be simple, memorable, and easily recognizable. It should also be versatile, able to be used in various contexts, such as on the company's website and promotional materials. A logomanual is a document that outlines the guidelines for using the logo, including specifications for color, size, and placement. A design manual is a comprehensive guide that lays out the visual identity of the organization, including typography, color palettes, imagery, and other design elements. Both the logomanual and design manual are important for ensuring consistency in the company's branding.

Designing a logo for a crypto organization like TerraCVita was an exciting challenge for our team. The customer was very particular about what they wanted, and they had a clear vision of what they wanted their logo to represent: new life and connections, as well as a connection to the earth.

From the start, we knew that the logo needed to be simple and memorable, with a strong connection to the earth and the idea of new life and connections. We started by experimenting with different concepts, sketching out ideas and exploring different design elements.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was finding the right balance between the earthy, organic elements and the modern, technological aspect of a crypto organization. We wanted to find a way to incorporate imagery that symbolized new life and connections, such as a geometric shape that represents the idea of growth and expansion.

After several rounds of revisions, we finally arrived at a design that we felt perfectly captured the spirit of TerraCVita. The final logo features a simple and elegant geometric shape that represents the idea of growth and expansion and it's encased in a circle, symbolizing the continuity of the organization. The colors used are mainly green and blue, symbolizing the earth and the connections that are being created.

Overall, the process of creating the logo for TerraCVita was a great learning experience for our team. We were able to push ourselves to come up with a design that perfectly captured the customer's vision and we are thrilled with the final result. We also created a logomanual and design manual, which will help ensure consistency in the company's branding going forward.

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