Designing a logo for Terra Rebels

January 17, 2023

Terra Rebels is a decentralized organization having organically come together with the common goal of revitalizing the Terra Classic ecosystem. Through the efforts of volunteers, we endeavor to provide and deliver software clients to the community and validators. By reinstating Governance, Staking, and encoding the burn tax into the core protocol, it is our hope to continue serving the community effectively far into the future.

Creating a logo for "Terra Rebels" using specific colors and orbs to represent individuals is a great way to give the logo a unique and visually interesting look.

One approach could be to use the orbs as a central feature of the logo. The orbs could be arranged in a way that represents the individuals coming together as a group, such as connecting them in a chain or forming a circle with them. This would effectively convey the idea of individuals linking together to form the organization.

The specific colors that you have to use can be incorporated into the design by using them as the background or by using them for the orbs. This can help to make the logo more eye-catching and memorable.

Another idea could be to use a gradient of color for the orbs, this can make the orbs look more dynamic and interesting. This can also help to create a sense of depth and movement within the logo, making it more engaging for viewers.

When it comes to typography, you can use a modern and bold font that complement the orbs and the colors. Make sure that the font is easily legible and it stands out against the background.

As always, it's important to get feedback from others within the organization and make any necessary revisions to the design. Once the logo is finalized, it can be used on the organization's website, social media, and other marketing materials.

In conclusion, by using orbs to represent individuals and specific colors, it is possible to create a logo for "Terra Rebels" that is visually interesting, memorable and effectively conveys the organization's values and mission. Experimenting with different arrangements of orbs, gradient colors and typography can help to make the logo even more dynamic and engaging.

Under is a logo manual for Terra Rebels:

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By Nitter Design